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Cast off with the KAEFER Marine Trainee Programme



Do you want to dig right into the job, manage numerous naval projects - from civil to navy, from new built to refurbishment - all whilst living and working in three different countries?



PM on yard

That’s exactly where you come in as a graduate. If you have finished your studies in marine or mechanical engineering recently and have a hands-on attitude, we want to hear from you. Because we love to speak with like-minded people who are as passionate about ships as we are. Upon successful completion of the 10-12 months traineeship, all participants can look forward to an exciting and promising job entry as KAEFER Project Managers.



How is the Trainee Programme set up?

The entire programme is running for 10-12 months with four trainees per year.

You will be starting in your home country with Module A:
Introduction and becoming acquainted with the local business, the team, the job as well as the local mentor at the local business unit in the home country

During Modules B & C - whilst staying three months in two foreign countries each - you will be educated in all phases of the Project-Life-Cycle in Civil / Navy / New built / Refurbishment:

  • Insulation (thermal, sound, fire protection)
  • Interior outfitting (Execution alternatives (steel-to-steel, visual turnkey), public areas, crew areas, cabins/suites (passenger/crew), useable areas (pantry, galley, laundry, medical centre, etc.), exterior areas (pool-area))
  • KAEFER products (fire safety products, exterior ceilings, exterior furniture, special navy products)

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