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We take action for our health.

HSEQ Quote Health

We maintain a trusting relationship with our employees, customers, contractors, suppliers and other stakeholders to ensure the wellbeing of everyone we work with. Our guiding principles not only provide for a healthy working environment, including the highest standards of hygiene, but also so that healthy decisions can be made within our teams. This includes monitoring wellbeing and providing individual support, as well as taking a team-based approach to minimising stress. To achieve this, a culture of open error management and continuous improvement is essential. After all, you can't solve a problem if you don't know it exists. Only by responding to problems today can we make a difference tomorrow. We also provide the right tools and appropriate training to reduce risks and prevent occupational illnesses such as manual handling injuries.

The KAEFER guiding principles – Health:

Health Awareness
Manual Handling
Workplace Hygiene