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Vilnius Combined Heat and Power Plant (VKJ)

Lithuania, Energy (Conventional / Nuclear / Renewables)

Project: Vilnius Combined Heat and Power Plant (VKJ)
Owner: Vilniaus kogeneracinė jėgainė, UAB
Executing Company: KAEFER UAB
Services Executed: Insulation, Scaffolding
Employees on site: 50 workers/month on average
Time frame: 2020

The new combined heat and power plant in Vilnius will be able to produce about 40% of the heat centrally supplied to Vilnius. The construction is expected to be finished by the end of 2020. KAEFER in Lithuania is responsible for the design, delivery and installation of insulation as well as the electric heating system for technological & auxiliary pipelines and devices. Furthermore, the team is performing scaffolding works.

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Vilnius Combined Heat and Power Plant (VKJ)

© Photo: Vilniaus kogeneracinė jėgainė