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#Venuslauf 2022


At KAEFER the Venuslauf has become a global charity run in the fight against cancer, with the participation of employees, their families and friends. Since 2020, the Venuslauf has taken place independently of the location giving KAEFER employees worldwide the opportunity to join. Participants can take part in various sports, all kilometres count and will be rewarded by the KAEFER FOUNDATION as a donation for cancer charities in different countries.



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Share your photos

If you took pictures during the Venuslauf and would like to share them with us and the world, you now have the opportunity to upload them here. We are very happy about all the pictures you would like to share with us! Let's show everyone what we were able to do for a good cause!

If there are recognisable persons in the pictures, please do not forget that their written consent is required! You will find the relevant consent forms on the left-hand side. After it´s completed, simply upload it along with the other images you've taken. 


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How else can I support the Venuslauf?

The KAEFER Found­a­tion gGmbH is a non-profit or­gan­isa­tion that is fun­ded solely through dona­tions. If you would like to sup­port us, dona­tions are highly ap­pre­ci­ated:

KAEFER Foundation gGmbH
Deutsche Bank AG
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