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Social projects & initiatives

World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day (since 2010)

Each year, KAEFER shows its sup­port for World AIDS Day on 1 Decem­ber. Stigma and dis­crim­in­a­tion to­wards people liv­ing with HIV or suf­fer­ing from AIDS is still a strong real­ity. We at KAEFER com­mit a policy of zero dis­crim­in­a­tion. There­fore, we want to take the op­por­tun­ity dur­ing World AIDS Day to re­mind every­one at KAEFER that we should fight pre­ju­dice!

Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen

Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen

KAEFER has been sup­port­ing the Deutsche Kam­merphil­har­monie Bre­men for sev­eral years now - a world fam­ous or­ches­tra with a unique so­cial en­gage­ment. Ori­gin­ally, it was foun­ded by young mu­sic stu­dents and is now or­gan­ised as a com­pany. The or­ches­tra’s re­hearsal rooms are situ­ated in a school in Bre­men, where chil­dren from many dif­fer­ent cul­tures and some­times dif­fi­cult so­cial back­grounds are attending. There­fore, in­teg­ra­tion is a very im­port­ant is­sue. Mu­sic is a good way of pro­mot­ing a close re­la­tion­ship to the pu­pils and en­cour­aging a lively ex­change of ideas.

Kunsthalle Bremen

Kunsthalle Bremen

KAEFER also sup­ports the “Kun­sthalle” (art mu­seum) in Bre­men, Germany which offers on-site pro­jects and work­shops for chil­dren, the eld­erly and other cit­izens that are not able to visit the mu­seum.

Pink October in Brazil

Pink October & Blue November

KAEFER in Brazil, through its sub­si­di­ary RIP Ser­vi­cios In­dus­tri­ais, plays an act­ive role in the world­wide “Pink Oc­to­ber” and “Blue Novem­ber” cam­paigns, de­signed to raise aware­ness of breast can­cer and pro­state can­cer re­spect­ively.

Both forms of can­cer are com­mon, but re­spons­ive to treat­ment if dia­gnosed early enough. The cam­paigns em­phas­ise the po­ten­tially life-sav­ing im­port­ance of reg­u­lar self-ex­am­in­a­tions and vis­its to the doc­tor.

Running for the good cause

Running for the good cause

Every year, the KAEFER Running Team successfully participates in various fundraising runs in order to promote team spirit, solidarity and show their support for people in need. In 2019, money was raised for various charitable causes, from allowing people living with a mental disability to experience the joy of sport, a young Peruvian athlete to pursue her goals, to exercise and sports facilities, for people suffering from cancer and a wells project in Uganda. In 2020, the Venuslauf even became a successful global event, supported by the KAEFER FOUNDATION.

KAEFER apprentices in South Africa

KAEFER ap­pren­tices: seiz­ing op­por­tun­it­ies at home and far afield

Dur­ing the last years KAEFER and the Sport­garten e.V. in Bre­men con­tin­ued their long-stand­ing col­lab­or­a­tion. Every year, two ap­pren­tices from KAEFER in Bre­men go to South Africa to im­merse them­selves into the work and home life of a so­cial pro­ject in the Durban area. It is a schol­ar­ship from the Sport­garten in Bre­men in­ co­oper­a­tion with the Carl Duis­berg Gesell­schaft, the Deutsche Gesell­schaft für In­ter­na­tionale Zusammen­arbeit (GIZ) and the Ver­ein Part­ner­schaft-Bre­men-Durban.

Dur­ing their time in South Africa, they usu­ally help in re­fur­bish­ing pro­jects, e.g. in­stalling run­ning wa­ter pipes, build­ing school equip­ment from metal or up­grad­ing san­it­ary fa­cil­it­ies.

World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day takes place on 10 October. In order to raise the awareness for this important topic, KAEFER entities worldwide participate with different initiatives, e.g. colleagues on different site organise sessions where they discuss mental health in the workplace.

International Students

Emergency financial assistance for students (2021)

Bremen welcomes more than 5,000 international students every year. Many of them live at the lower income limit as they usually do not receive any financial support from their families, but work along the way. They can quickly find themselves in financial distress through no fault of their own, especially in these difficult times of a pandemic. Therefore, the KAEFER FOUNDATION decided to support XENOS e.V., a charitable organisation that helps those students in need with the aim to enable them to complete their studies quickly and successfully.

Supporting people in need in times of COVID-19

Supporting people in need in times of COVID-19

During the global pandemic, KAEFER colleagues all over the world were trying to help people affected the most by the crisis. RIP, KAEFER’s entity in Brazil, provided cleaning and disinfection services for a local hospital and the colleagues in Spain supported a medical center with protective equipment. In South Africa, food parcels and community masks were distributed and KAEFER WANNER in France started to produce protective masks in their own workshop, donating them for a good cause. Also, the KAEFER FOUNDATION got involved in order to help: Link

Little Child

Supporting Refugees (since 2016)

Dur­ing the last years a large num­ber of people de­cided to leave their coun­tries due to civil wars, eco­nomic crisis and ter­ror­ism. Many of them came to Ger­many. Sup­por­ted by KAEFER em­loy­ees, the KAEFER FOUND­A­TION was able for in­stance to donate much needed socks and paint­ing ma­ter­i­als for chil­dren to an emer­gency shel­ter. Moreover, sports cloth­ing, school ma­ter­i­als and Christ­mas presents have been donated to a local youth wel­fare or­gan­isa­tion that takes care of nearly 40 un­ac­com­pan­ied minors from dif­fer­ent coun­tries.

Christmas calendar

Christmas calendar for the good cause (2020)

In December, KAEFER’s Headquarters in Bremen again turn into a giant advent calendar. Each day, a local charity receives a donation by the KAEFER FOUNDATION in order to support their efforts and work. The full list of organisations that are part of this year’s calendar can be found on our LinkedIn page.

Christmas presents

Fulfilling Christmas wishes (2020)

In 2020, the KAEFER FOUNDATION supported the WK Weihnachtshilfe, an initiative in Bremen, Germany that aims to fulfill Christmas wishes of children from families that are facing financially difficult times. Thanks to the donation from the foundation as well as from other generous donors, the organization was able to make all wishes come true.

Ger­man Bone Mar­row Donor Cen­ter re­gis­tra­tion

Ger­man Bone Mar­row Donor Cen­ter re­gis­tra­tion event in Bre­men (2019)

In Novem­ber 2019 the Deutsche Knochen­mark Spend­er­d­atei (DKMS) or Ger­man Bone Mar­row Donor Cen­ter re­gis­tra­tion event sup­por­ted by the KAEFER FOUND­A­TION took place in the HQ and branch of­fice in Bre­men. It was a great suc­cess – 56 col­leagues have re­gistered as po­ten­tial stem cell donors.