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Sourcing with focus on quality, safety and sustainability.

Quality, safety, sustainability, responsibility – these are only some criteria that have always been an integral part of KAEFER’s overall policy. In procurement we try to fulfil these values every day by taking global rules into account as well as local specifics. By this, our suppliers, subcontractors, and each of our purchasers in the KAEFER family help to also ensure efficient and cost-conscious procurement.

Our value-oriented behavior with a focus on resource-saving and cost-effective sourcing of material and services alike are the basis of our business. Both the central global purchasing department in Bremen (Corporate Supply Management) and the local purchasing organisations around the world have made a significant contribution to the success of our family-owned company in more than 100 years.

The continuous development of quality and risk management help us to take conscientious decisions. The constant exchange of information within KAEFER’s purchasing community and sharing our respective know-how are a guaranty to go from strength to strength. This is not only to the benefit of our customers, but also gives KAEFER a competitive edge for the future projects.

Become a supplier or subcontractor

Being able to consistently work to the highest standards is only possible when we collaborate closely with other companies that share our commitment to quality and safety. That’s why KAEFER only cooperates with selected partners and suppliers. To ensure that, our professional purchasing network regularly check our current supplier and subcontractor portfolio on a local and international level.


Would you like to apply as a supplier or subcontractor? Register your company in our supplier database.

Supplier & subcontractor registration

What is essential to us:
  • Compliance according to KAEFER’s Code of Business Conduct
  • A guarantee for consistently high product and service quality
  • High levels of logistics ability as well as reliability in delivery
  • Willingness to establish a long-term partnership and provide good value for money
  • Transparency and openness in mutual cooperation
  • A high level of development and innovation (actively brought into our services)
  • Active contribution towards mutual cost-reduction efforts
What we’ve got to offer to suppliers & subcontractors:
  • Fair, trusting and long-term cooperation
  • Early inclusion of suppliers into potential development and tendering processes
  • Support on the basis of a partner relationship and feedback-oriented supplier management