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Group picture Venuslauf

Venuslauf 2022 - the results

Sep 30, 2022


31,101 kilometres for the good cause!
We are so excited to share with you that the KAEFER Team has completed 31,101 kilometres in the Venuslauf 2022! We could not have done this without your support and encouragement. Thank you for being part of th...

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Grafic to participate in Venuslauf

It's time for the Venuslauf 2022 - let's run!

Sep 16, 2022


We are thrilled to announce that this year more than 2,600 participants from 28 countries have signed up to the Venuslauf 2022 helping in the fight against cancer. This means that we have doubled the number of participants from last year! What an ...

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Pupils at KAEFER Trophy

KAEFER Trophy 2022

Sep 15, 2022

Bremen, Germany

Every year, many pupils are faced with the question of whether they should continue to go to school or start an apprenticeship. In order to bring the topic of education closer to pupils in an exciting way, the Sportgarten e.V. in Bremen, together ...

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