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KAEFER Junior Leadership Programme

JLP participants 2022 with Steen E. Hansen
JLP participants 2022 with Steen E. Hansen

This week, Bremen Headquarters was bustling with excitement and anticipation. It was time for the project presentations of our participants in the KAEFER Junior Leadership Programme.  As part of their JLP journey, 14 young colleagues from eight countries who had started the JLP remotely in March 2021 presented their project work in person to the KAEFER Executive Board and other senior KAEFER managers. The topics of this year’s projects were:

               The need for automation – Corporate IT
               ESG positioning @ KAEFER – Corporate Sustainability & Communication
               Composite Services – KAEFER in the Middle East
               KIT Collaboration Model – KAEFER Energy in Norway

Our JLP participants faced many challenges during their programme: they were unable to meet face-to-face due to the pandemic, worked on their project during busy periods, had to deal with time differences during their group work and had to familiarise themselves with a completely new topic. Every single one of you gave it your all, made the best of complex situations and persevered.

Congratulations on your achievement and thank you for the fruitful discussions. The future belongs to you!

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