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Dismantling nuclear power plants.

The dismantling of nuclear power plants is a demanding task: the plant components must be professionally disassembled, possibly decontaminated and safely transported away. Dismantling projects are extremely complex. They require special expertise and skills from all those involved, because the safety of people and the environment from radiation is paramount. Years of experience, dedicated specialist personnel and efficient management systems ensure compliance with the high standards in the areas of occupational safety and quality, especially in the handling of hazardous substances.

KAEFER's services & solutions in decommissioning:


  • Create deconstruction concepts
  • Planning for residue processing
  • Create tender documents

Deconstruction and dismantling

  • Provision of qualified dismantling fitters and plant mechanics
  • Operating personnel for the residue processing centres
  • Residue tracking experts
  • Water management for wet wire sawing processes
  • Qualified steel construction welders


  • Transport with crane and industrial trucks
  • Assembly of mobile enclosures
  • Container coordination


  • Radiation protection experts
  • Safety coordinators
  • Occupational safety experts
  • Welding supervisors