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Because every project needs a safe and tidy start: SEA 5S Training

Oct 28, 2021
Terengganu, Malaysia

On the 28th of October the SEA team conducted a 5S training in Terengganu (Malaysia) to increase the awareness on this matter and create a baseline for improvement activities.

10 trainees were part of this refreshment organized by the Lean Leaders Raaj and Ravi. Interesting to this training was the involvement of their certified Lean Practitioners as trainers, each of them being responsible to take ownership of a topic:

1S: Separate 
2S: Organize 
3S: Clean
4S: Standarize 
5S: Sustain 

A key outcome of this training was the recognition of safety as a resulting element from the correctly 5S implementation and how the waste walk is interlinked also with health and safety matters.

We congratulate the LEAN team from SEA for sharing with us this great initiative and keep developing their Lean Practitioners team.

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