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    The winners of the KAEFER International Photo Competition 2010

    An international jury chose the best photos via a selection process in which the anonymity of the photographers was guaranteed.

    The main selection criteria were the representation of the country’s culture as well as the composition and uniqueness of the motif.

    Mr. Hoedemaker, Chairman of the Group Executive Committee, and the jury would like to congratulate the 20 photographers from all over the world who have won an iPod touch!


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    Winner photos

    Germany | Lighthouse on Hiddensee Island in the Baltic Sea | Photographer: Photographer: Gottfried Adler, KAEFER Schiffsausbau GmbH, Germany


    Thailand | Thai wedding in Bangkok | Photographer: Panumas Chaikham, KAEFER Engineering (Thailand) Ltd., Thailand


    Thailand | Buddhist ordination ceremony in Burirum | Photographer: Siriyakorn Chaikham, KAEFER Engineering (Thailand) Ltd., Thailand


    France | Catalan tradition in Perpignan, close to the Spanish border | Photographer: Patrice Lagorce, KAEFER WANNER S.A.S., France


    Australia | Karijini National Park, located in the northwest Pilbara region in Western Australia | Photographer: Lionel Ferguson, KAEFER Integrated Services Pty Ltd., Australia


    Norway | Girl overlooking the Hardangerfjord, located in the county of Hordaland | Photographer: Annelise Jenseg, KAEFER ENERGY AS, Norway


    Spain | Twins at the “Feria de Abril” (“April Fair”) in Sevilla | Photographer: Carmen Ibañez, KAEFER Aislamientos S.A., Spain


    Portugal | Balcony scene in Porto | Photographer: Geneviève Prouvost, KAEFER WANNER S.A.S., France


    Germany | Ship in the Wadden Sea near Bremerhaven | Photographer: Stephan Traudt, KAEFER Industrie GmbH, Germany


    Canada | Moraine Lake, a glacially-fed lake in Banff National Park, Alberta | Photographer: Arnaud Lejemble, ALBRICO KAEFER Services Ltd., Canada


    France | Small house on top of a lighthouse, 16 metres high, by the River Loire | Photographer: Laurence Montaudon, KAEFER WANNER S.A.S., France


    Germany | Cow with traditional bell in Chiemgau, Bavaria | Photographer: Peter Niemann, KAEFER Schiffsausbau GmbH, Germany


    Poland | Panorama with the “Sanctuary of Our Licheń”, the largest church in Poland | Photographer: Bogdan Płaza, KAEFER SA, Poland


    United Kingdom | Bridges over the River Tyne in Newcastle | Photographer: Simon Hudson, C&D Industrial Services Ltd., United Kingdom


    India | Taj Mahal, a mausoleum located in Agra | Photographer: Atamjeet Singh, KAEFER Punj Lloyd Ltd., India


    Sri Lanka | Kiri Vehera, an ancient stupa (Buddhist shrine), situated in Kataragama | Photographer: Y. Dinusha Deshapriya Samratunga, KAEFER LLC, Qatar


    Lithuania | Tree house in the countryside | Photographer: Rytis Raudys, TERMOIZOLA UAB, Lithuania


    Poland | Traditional children’s folk dance in Sierpc in the Masovia region | Photographer: Bożena Statkiewicz, KAEFER SA, Poland


    India | Man resting on the pavement in Anchal, Kerala | Photographer: Subin Sudarsanan, KAEFER LLC, Qatar


    India | Old woman from a village in Rajasthan preparing a meal | Photographer: Saurabh Tandon, KAEFER Engineering India Pvt Ltd., India

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